Welcome to Amber, a Mexican Grill & International Kitchen by Amet Haveli. Our restaurant is beautifully located in a lake-side garden on Ambrai Ghat. The natural surroundings paired with our authentic and exotic food echoes promises of a night to remember.

P.s. Did you know we have our own parking facilities and can even offer to take you from any of the lake side hotels directly to our restaurant?

Udaipur’s Only Mexican Restaurant

We take pride in the food we are making and doing our best to produce the tastiest and most authentic Mexican food possible. We import many of our ingredients, other we grow ourselves and our recipes are learnt from family, friends and colleagues in Mexico. Our restaurant is set in a beautiful lake-side garden and is decorated with items and pictures from Mexico.
We are not only about Mexican food. From our smoking barbecue we serve up international grilled favourites, some with a Mexican twist, others just as they where meant to be. Our kitchen is also ready to serve you some delicious international snacks and starters, too good to leave out even from a Mexican restaurant. But even then, we have not forgotten or Indian side. Or small, but delicious Indian section has favourites from tava, tandoor and handi.
So join us for dinner at Amber, where every day is taco Tuesday!


The Story About Our Food

Chef Henric Carlsson has been travelling and working his way through Mexico to bring you the authentic flavours and experiences from north to south. Many of our ingredients are directly brought from Mexico, other we grow ourselves or in collaboration with local farmers.

We realize that sometimes you want to eat something more familiar, so we made sure you can always indulge in our Indian treats. Check out our daily Indian specials!

Amber - Mexican Grill & International Kitchen by Amet Haveli

The Story About Our Name


Amber, tree sap from historical times, formed to beautiful gemstones that gave the name of the colour best describing the burning coals in our barbecues and the glowing sky over the lake at sunset.


Our New Menu Is Released!

As our first few months are coming to an end we are happy to introduce many new items in our improved menu. New chilies directly from Mexico mean many new exciting possibilities both for the vegetarian and the meat lover. The Tostada A tostada is a flat golden fried corn tortilla topped with a layer …

Tacos Dorados, Flautas & Taquitos

In our previous blog post, found here, I wrote about real Mexican Tacos and how they nearly always are soft and never ever shaped like a crispy yellow U. So, if you order a taco in Mexico it will be soft. But, you still want a crispy Taco and you still want it traditional? Thankfully, …

What is a Mexican Taco and What Tacos Can I Find in Udaipur?

Tacos in Mexico When you think of Tacos you might think of a yellow u-shaped crunchy shell filled with mince or beans. But, in Mexico that is not a Taco, it does not even exist. If you ever had a regular taco in Mexico it was probably a soft corn tortilla (flat bread that resembles a …