Tacos Dorados, Flautas & Taquitos

In our previous blog post, found here, I wrote about real Mexican Tacos and how they nearly always are soft and never ever shaped like a crispy yellow U. So, if you order a taco in Mexico it will be soft.

But, you still want a crispy Taco and you still want it traditional? Thankfully, the creative foodies of Mexico have a solution for you as well —The Taco Dorado, or its smaller sibling, the Taquito. There is also something called flautas,  usually longer then the Taco Dorado but otherwise mostly the same.

Dorado means Golden and also Fried and this is just what the Taco Dorado is about — golden fried tacos. But where the American fast food taco is a premade yellow u-shaped shell, Tacos Dorados are made from regular Soft Corn Tortillas that are stuffed and rolled just before they are fried until golden and crispy. Tacos Dorados are usually topped with lettuce, onion, cream and salsa. Eat them as they are or dip in our complimentary sauces and salsas.

As for the filling of our Tacos Dorados you can chose between mild shredded chicken or sautéed paneer.

What is a Mexican Taco and What Tacos Can I Find in Udaipur?

Taco Al Pastor

Tacos in Mexico

When you think of Tacos you might think of a yellow u-shaped crunchy shell filled with mince or beans. But, in Mexico that is not a Taco, it does not even exist.

If you ever had a regular taco in Mexico it was probably a soft corn tortilla (flat bread that resembles a chapatti but made from corn that has been through a nixtamalization process) with a topping, usually consisting of some sort of meat or vegetable. If your visit to Mexico was limited to the northern states of the country, sometimes your tortilla was probably made from wheat flour instead of corn. Most tacos in Mexico are simply a soft corn tortilla with a dry to semidry topping, and a few bowls of different salsas and other condiments, like pickled onion, coriander, or even pineapple. Most tacos are rather mild (but there are many popular exemptions) and the spiciness comes from the salsa you put on yourself. Some tacos come with cheese, but then not in the form of shredded processed cheese or cheddar on top but rather melted on to the tortilla before the topping is added.

The Chicken Fajita served in Corn Tortillas.

Our Traditional Mexican Tacos in Udaipur

There are many popular toppings in Mexico. As a first step, we have brought a few different traditional recipes that we love, and hope you will love as well.

The Fajita (pronounced fa-hee-ta) is a meat or vegetable cut in strips that resembles small belts. The name comes from the Spanish word faja, that literally means belt or strip. So fajita is a way to cut the ingredients and despite popular belief has nothing to do with a certain flavour or spicemix. In our case, like in many Mexican kitchens, we cook or chicken or paneer strips in different spices, herbs, lemon, beer and onions and add colourful bell peppers before serving them up on corn tortillas as tacos. Since this dish is mild you can always ask for a spicy salsa to put on top.

The chicken Tinga is shredded chicken chocked in a slightly spicy Chipotle and Tomato salsa with a lot of onions. Since the chicken already is cooked in a salsa (tell us your preferences of spicynes) you can adjust the flavours by adding cream or pickled onions on top.

Our Veg Tacos are for our veggie lovers who otherwise will miss out on the Tinga. We take the same salsa as in the chicken Tinga but load it with pieces of vegetables, beans and paneer.

Carne Adobada is for the pork lover. Slowly cooked pork in a tomato and Chipotle salsa. Yummy yummy served up in corn tortillas. Don’t ask us how we get so much flavours in this dish, it is a well kept family secret.

We don’t have to present the Taco Al Pastor again, we just did it in this blog post before. If you never tried it, now is the time! Read all about The Taco Al Pastor Here!

Tacos de Camarones. Juicy prawns grilled over charcoal and marinated in pineapple juice, tequila, Mexican spices and Chipotle. Tossed in a tortilla and topped with Pico de Gallo. Add salsa or our homemade Chipotle mayonnaise for your perfect flavour profile.

P.s. did you know, the most popular way to eat our Molcajetes is with corn tortillas, as tacos.

Still fantasizing of that crunchy taco? Keep your eyes open for our future blog post about the Taquitos, Tacos Dorados (Fried Tacos) and Flautas.

Real Mexican Food in Udaipur! Real Salsa Verde!

We are always proud to tell you all about our imported chillies, authentic Mexican cuisine and delicious hand made corn tortillas (soft gluten free flat-bread that turns into delicious tacos, enchiladas and our own house made nachos, but don’t confuse them with the Indian tasty but less flexible distant cousin, the Makki ki Roti). We are now even prouder of our own first crop of our organically grown Tomatillos! So at your next visit, ask us for our green salsa, or Salsa Verde for another unique Amber Treat!

Almost Ready

They say time flies when you are having  fun and we agree, time is rushing towards our grand opening while we are finalising the last few pieces of the puzzle.

Our menu (soon to be published) stay true to real authentic Mexican food but on our barbecue some international classics, and our own creations, creates aromas far and wide. If you or someone in your company want to relish something Indian, our small but delicious Indian section, is sure to make your taste buds sing Happy songs.

We are looking forward to invite you all to our flavoursome food and great views very soon!

Hasta luego