A great evening have a Mexican start …

    • Quesadilla


      Four slices of this Tex-Mex all-timer. Golden flour tortillas stuffed with cheese and your choice of sautéed mushrooms, veg (paneer, corn and beans) or chicken. Served with Chipotle Aioli and Pico de Gallo.


      • Plain Cheese
      • Mushrooms
      • Veg
      • Chicken
    • Camarones al Guajillo

      Camarones al Guajillo

      Delicious prawns cooked with mild Guajillo chillies, butter, garlic and a dash of wine. Perfect start to share or enjoyed as a meal together with tortillas. Served with salsa and Chipotle Aioli.

    • Nachos


      Our natural totopos are free from any additives - more crunchy and flavourful than anything you can buy ready-made. Served either as they are with salsa or with cheese, topping and salsa.


      • Salted
      • Veg
      • Chicken
      • Guacamole (on availability)
    • Tostada


      A tostada is a flat golden fried corn tortilla topped with a layer of refried beans, your choice of vegetarian or chicken filling and topped with salsa, cream and Pico de Gallo. A crunchy flavourful friend for the sunset!

    • Quekas Fritas

      Quekas Fritas

      Another small snack or starter directly from the streets of Mexico. Quekas, another popular name for Quesadillas (ke-sa-dija) are cooked in a very different style than the other (tasty) quesadillas in our menu. Here we take our corn dough, fill it with cheese and you additional choice of potato, mushrooms or chicken tinga, fold it and deep fry it until golden and crispy. Served with cream and a special salsa.

    • Frijoles Charros

      These beans are far from ordinary. Are they a soup? Are they a starter?  Or are they a side dish? Yes, they are Frijoles Charros and can be enjoyed however you like! Beans cooked with onion, garlic, tomato and a dash of beer.

    • Frijoles Fritos con Queso

      Why would we need more beans in the menu? Because these beans are a completely different taste sensation. Refried, mashed and creamy beans baked with a layer of cheese and served with Totopos (home-made corn chips) and Pico de Gallo. Soft beans, stringy cheese and crunchy corn!


      Our Barbecue Skewers are a perfect start to a perfect evening. Veg, chicken, pork or prawn together with crunchy vegetables, brushed with a Mexican glaze and served with two delicious dips. TURN YOUR SNACK INTO A MEAL! By adding sides you get endless opportunities. Put your food in tortillas of your choice for delicious Tacos, add our creamy Chipotle Potato Salad, french fries or baked potato for a continental experience, or why not together with our flavourful Mexican Fried Rice?

    • Paneer & Mushroom Skewers

      Our Paneer & Mushroom Skewers comes packed with flavour, punch and vegetables. A perfect start for a perfect vegetarian evening. Brushed with Mexican chillies and spices and served with our house made Chipotle Aioli and Salsa!

    • Mexican Chicken Skewers

      Mexican Chicken Skewers

      Our chicken Skewers comes packed with flavour, punch and vegetables. Brushed with Mexican chillies and spices and served with our house made Chipotle Aioli and Salsa!

    • Exotic Mexican Lamb Skewers

      Our lamb Skewers comes packed with flavour, punch and vegetables. Brushed with Mexican chillies and spices and served with our house made Chipotle Aioli and Salsa!

    • Mexican Grilled Prawns

      Mexican Grilled Prawns

      Usually served in our delicious Tacos, but these spicy grilled prawns with salsa and Chipotle Aioli might just be the perfect snack to your cold beverage.


      There are many yummy snacks and starters out there in the world. Here are our favourites.

    • Chicken Wings | Chipotle Hot Wings

      Chicken Wings | Chipotle Hot Wings

      Hot, tangy, sticky and all over your fi ngers and face. Warning: Not suitable for your first date!

    • Tangy Mushroom & Cauliflower | Chipotle Mushroom & Cauliflower

      A vegetarian option for our delicious chicken wings. A mix between crunchy caulifl ower and mushrooms in a sticky coating of your choice!


      • Original
      • Chipotle Hot Veg
    • Bruschetta


      Four slices of slightly garlic scented bread, red, ripe and juicy tomatoes, green vibrant and fragrant basil tossed in extra virgin olive oil. So simple, so yummy!


      • Traditional
      • With Mozzarella Cheese
    • Oriental Meze Platter

      Baba Ganoush (aubergine dip), Hummus (Chickpea dip) and Olive dip comes with olive fl at-bread and crunchy vegetables to dip. Share a good time, share our Meze!

    • Potato Skins

      Potato Skins

      Baked potato skins with melted cheese and toppings of your choice. The skins are drizzled with our special sauce.


      • With Mushroom
      • With Bacon
    • Tortizza – The Tortilla Pizza

      Thin Wheat Tortilla spread with a special salsa with oregano, topped with mozzarella and chipotle tikkas, chicken or paneer. De-li-cious!


      Grilled tomatoes, Mexican chillies, a dash of beer and other spices make up the salsa for this traditional Mexican main-course. We then add paneer, spring onions, melting cheese and your filling of choice. Eat with Tortillas or rice. This dish is meant to be shared! Did you know? The Molcajete was used by pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures, including the Aztec and Maya, stretching back several thousand years. Traditionally carved out of a single block of lava stone, molcajetes are typically round in shape and supported by three short legs. A Molcajete is a type of mortar and pestle that can also be heated up to retain heat for a very long time.

    • Vegetarian Molcajete

      Vegetarian Molcajete

      Add seasonable grilled vegetables.

    • Chicken Molcajete

      Chicken Molcajete

      Add sliced marinated chicken.

    • Pork Molcajete

      Add perfectly cooked Pork Tenderloin.

    • Prawn Molcajete

      Add succulent Prawns.


      Traditional Mexican tacos made with real handmade corn tortillas and a wide range of fillings and sides. It really does not get more Mexican than this.

    • Fajita


      (Pronounced Fa-hee-ta) Strips of chicken breast or paneer marinated in our mild special beer and herb marinade, cooked with onion, red, yellow and green bell peppers. A perfect taco for those who want a mild aromatic experience.


      • Paneer
      • Chicken
    • Chicken Tinga

      Shredded chicken cooked with onion in a tomato and chipotle sauce. A spicy treat served in our amazing corn tortillas with a selection of sides.

    • Veg Tacos

      Inspired by the Tinga, we toss veggies and cubes of paneer in our spicy tomato and chipotle sauce. Just yummy!

    • Taco al Pastor

      Taco al Pastor

      Red and earthy flavours with sweet pineapple. Marinated in tangy but mild Achiote and cooked over wood.


      • Paneer
      • Chicken
      • Pork
    • Carne Adobada

      Slow cooked, delicious and falling apart. This taco is filled with pork goodness cooked for hours in chipotle, tomato and other spices until it is tender and full of fl avours! These tacos might be a bit spicy for some, but top it with the
      included sides to make it milder if you prefer.

    • Taco de Camarones (grilled prawns)

      Marinated prawns grilled on our barbecue and served in our soft corn tortillas, topped with Picco de Gallo and sides of Salsa, cream, Chipotle Aioli and pickled onions.

    • Fish Tacos from Baja California

      Fish Tacos from Baja California

      Deep fried beer batter fish fried until golden and served in soft corn tortillas and topped with our special chipotle coleslaw salad. As authentic as it is yummy.

    • Cheese & Chorizo Tacos

      Cheese & Chorizo Tacos

      Yep, you read that right. Gooey cheese and crumbly Chorizo. The recipe of our Chorizo might be secret and the spice mix only made by Chef Carlsson himself, but it is available for all lovers of pork to savour. This authentic and amazing chorizo was taught to us by our favourite cook and friend from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

      As a vegetarian we have great news for you! We are also doing the same amazing chorizo with mushrooms instead of pork and it is nothing less than amazing!


      We roll them, stuff them and fry them golden brown. All you have to do is dip them in the salsas and enjoy the crunch.

    • Crunchy Chicken Taco

      Crunchy Chicken Taco

      Mild shredded chicken stuffed in a fried rolled tortilla.

    • Crunchy Paneer Taco

      Crunchy Paneer Taco

      Mild filling of paneer stuffed in a fried rolled tortilla.


      Enchiladas are folded, gratinated tortillas with topping of your choice.

    • Chicken and Cheese

      A mild dish with shredded chicken topped with a gooey cheesy sauce. Perfect if you prefer a non-spicy dish. Or just love cheese like us.

    • Hot and Spicy Salsa Chicken

      Hot and Spicy Salsa Chicken

      Like the above, we fi ll the folded tortillas with shredded chicken but top it with a special hot salsa and cheese.

    • Vegetables and Cheese

      Vegetables and Cheese

      A mild dish with sautéed vegetables topped with a gooey cheesy sauce. Perfect if you prefer a non-spicy dish. Or just love cheese like us.

    • Hot and Spicy Salsa Paneer

      Hot and Spicy Salsa Paneer

      Like it’s chicken counterpart, we fi ll the folded tortillas but with fi lling of paneer and top it with our special hot salsa and cheese.


      Our Barbecue Meal Specials are perfect as a main course and comes loaded with sides. Veg, non-veg and even vegan. Our Greek Souvlakis, delicious chicken breast, barbecue paneer, half grilled chicken with skin or the delicious stuffed chicken roulade. The choice is yours.

    • Barbecue Paneer

      Sticky on the outside, soft on the inside and dripping of tangy barbecue sauce.  Comes with French fries, salsa and homemade Chipotle Aioli.


      • Regular
      • Spicy Chipotle
    • Chicken Breast

      Chicken Breast

      Grilled chicken breast served with French fries, salsa and homemade Chipotle Aioli.


      • Sweet Barbecue
      • Spicy Chipotle
    • Grilled Chicken

      Half Chicken with skin grilled on the bones. Comes with French fries, salsa and homemade Chipotle Aioli.


      • Regular
      • Spicy Chipotle
    • Chicken | Lamb | Pork Souvlaki

      Chicken | Lamb | Pork Souvlaki

      Two tender skewers, perfectly marinated in olive oil, lemon and herbs served together with grilled tomatoes, fl at-bread, potato wedges and our homemade tzatziki.

    • Vegetarian BBQ Plate

      Vegetarian BBQ Plate

      Skewers of seasonal veggies and Paneer glazed with eastern style spices. Served on a flat-bread and with a choice of potato wedges or French fries and Tzatsiki. This option is for our vegetarian friends but can also be made vegan, totally free from dairy.

    • Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce and Mash

      Grilled Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce and Mash

      Grilled fish fillet with mashed potatoes and lemon butter sauce. Simply delicious.


      Soups are not just great for cold weather, our soups are perfect for a light lunch or together with a salad. All soups comes with a slice of garlic bread.

    • Tomato Soup

      A classical soup for both lazy summer days and cold winter evenings.

    • Roasted Pepper Soup

      Chunky roasted sweet peppers, tomato and a bit of chili for a friendly punch.

    • Roasted Cauliflower Soup

      Roasted cauliflower, roasted garlic and coconut milk is the base of this delicious smooth soup.

    • Creamy Chicken Mushroom

      Chicken and fresh mushrooms in a creamy soup. Just yummy!

    • Tlalpeño Soup

      Tlalpeño Soup

      A filling, warming and slightly spicy soup with chipotle, rice and chickpeas. You can chose between Chicken or Mushroom. Both are equally delicious!

    • Mushroom Tlalpeño Soup

      A filling, warming and slightly spicy mushroom soup with chipotle, rice and chickpeas.


      Salads can be great starters. Or even better lunches.

    • Side Salad

      Crisp lettuce, onion, tomato, and sweet capsicum drizzled with olive oil and Lemon pepper.

    • Caesar Salad

      Caesar Salad

      Caesar salad is one of the most famous salads in the world and can be found in many different varieties.
      Ours come with lettuce, boiled eggs, parmesan cheese, crispy croutons, grilled chicken and our in-house Caesar dressing. If you want, you can always add bacon!


      • Regular
      • Bacon extra


    • Grilled Chicken or Paneer Salad

      Fresh green salad and vegetables topped with sliced grilled chicken breast or paneer. Comes with our yummy Mango Curry Dressing or Honey Mustard Vinaigrette.


      • Chicken
      • Paneer
    • Tortilla & Beans Salad

      Crispy tortilla chips, beans, corn and vegetables on a crunchy bed of lettuce. Served with creamy chipotle dressing.


      The Indian Clay Oven can reach extremely high temperatures, sealing the flavours and juices of what is cooked perfectly.

    • Tandoori Chicken

      Half chicken marinated in yogurt and red spices, grilled to perfection.

    • Paneer Tikka | Chicken Tikka

      Tandoori grilled chunks of paneer or chicken, marinated in yogurt and red spices.

    • Paneer Malai Tikka | Chicken Malai Tikka

      Paneer or Chicken pieces marinated in cream, cashew nut paste and cheese.

    • Aloo Angara

      Stuffed potatoes marinated in yogurt and red spices and grilled over coal in our Tandoor.

    • BBQ Chicken Chipotle Adobo

      We slowly cook our smoked Mexican chipotle chillies in apple cider vinegar, spices and aromatics for two hours to make our Chipotle Adobo. 3 marinated chicken drumsticks, cooked over coal and served with a fresh tomato Salsa and Chilli Aioli.

    • Paneer Chipotle Tikka | Chicken Chipotle Tikka

      Much like our Malai tikkas, we start with cream and cashew nuts and add some cheese, but we then add some smoky, tangy chipotles in adobo sauce to give it a little bit of a bite. And yes, we then top it with melting cheese and serve it with a light and fragrant tomato salsa.


      Sometimes you just have that craving that does not go away. Don’t worry, we are here to help. We take the freshest ingredients to serve you the tastiest Indian food.

    • Dal Tadka

      Tempered Yellow Dal.

    • Veg Jalfrezi

      Our chef’s selection of vegetables cooked to perfection.

    • Paneer Tikka Masala

      Pieces of Paneer tikka cooked in a tomato based gravy.

    • Paneer Butter Masala

      Paneer cooked in a creamy, buttery, gravy.

    • Baingan Bharta

      Aubergine cooked in tandoor and mashed up in masala.

    • Jeera Aloo

      Cubes of potatoes cooked with cumin.

    • Besan Curry

      Dumplings made from Chickpea flour cooked in a youghurt infused curry.

    • Chicken Tikka Masala

      Tandoori cooked boneless chicken in a special tomato based gravy.

    • Butter Chicken

      Tandoori Chicken cooked on the bones in a creamy buttery masala.

    • Laal Mans

      Laal means red and the red colour of this dish comes from the chillies, thus, this this will be a bit spicy for some. Slowly cooked over wood in open handi and ready to make a grand dinner!

    • Amber's Prawns

      Juicy prawns cooked in a north Indian creamy tomato gravy.
      A prawn lovers dream!


      Hot, crispy and directly from the Tandoor.

    • Naan

      Nice, golden Naan of your choice:

      • Plain
      • Garlic
      • Chilli Cheese
    • Roti

      Whole wheat roti cooked in the Tandoor.

    • Missi Roti

      A bit more crunchy and made from chickpea fl our, this roti can be made completely gluten free. Just tell us your preferences.


      No meal is complete without something sweet.

    • Ice Cream

      Assorted Ice Creams with Chocolate, Strawberry or our Homemade Caramel Sauce.

      You can  add Fruit Salad.

    • Eton Mess

      Eton Mess

      This traditional English dessert is a mess. Bananas, meringues, cream and strawberry sauce. Served in a mess, a good mess.

    • Waffles


      Two thin crispy waffles layered with either Nutella or raspberry jam and served with a choice of ice cream or whipped cream.

    • Banoffee Pie

      Crunchy biscuit base topped with toffee filling, bananas and cream. We don’t have to mention how delicious this classic is, do we?

    • Sticky Chocolate Cake

      This is Sweden’s take on the classic brownie. Sticky and gooey chocolate goodness served with vanilla ice cream. A must for the chocolate lover!