Tacos Dorados, Flautas & Taquitos

In our previous blog post, found here, I wrote about real Mexican Tacos and how they nearly always are soft and never ever shaped like a crispy yellow U. So, if you order a taco in Mexico it will be soft.

But, you still want a crispy Taco and you still want it traditional? Thankfully, the creative foodies of Mexico have a solution for you as well —The Taco Dorado, or its smaller sibling, the Taquito. There is also something called flautas,  usually longer then the Taco Dorado but otherwise mostly the same.

Dorado means Golden and also Fried and this is just what the Taco Dorado is about — golden fried tacos. But where the American fast food taco is a premade yellow u-shaped shell, Tacos Dorados are made from regular Soft Corn Tortillas that are stuffed and rolled just before they are fried until golden and crispy. Tacos Dorados are usually topped with lettuce, onion, cream and salsa. Eat them as they are or dip in our complimentary sauces and salsas.

As for the filling of our Tacos Dorados you can chose between mild shredded chicken or sautéed paneer.